Friday, September 30, 2011

Speeding up Core Data backed Table Views

I have an app where the primary UI is a UITableView backed by Core Data using sqlite. As I was developing the app and continually testing, I had noticed that it would frequently hesitate as more rows were scrolled into view. It wasn't until I created a large amount of test data that I really noticed this lag and app startup became even worse.

Monday, May 30, 2011

SharedLocation app Tutorial 5: The iPad Client

All that's left of our project is to display our iPhone's location on an iPad. The iPad has all of the UI elements that it needs. We will now add the Bonjour and networking client code.

SharedLocation app Tutorial 4: The iPhone Server (part 2)

In the previous tutorial entry, we copied some code from an Apple sample project, modified it for our purposes, and then started hooking things up for the iPhone server. Now, we're going to finish up the server side.

SharedLocation app Tutorial 4: The iPhone Server (part 1)

Congratulations, you have a UI for iPad and iPhone! Next up, let's copy some code from one of Apple's sample projects. We're going to use the WiTap project for the client (iPad) code. While we're at it, we're also going to complete the iPhone server application.

SharedLocation app Tutorial 3: The iPhone UI

We've created the iPad UI. Now let's create the iPhone UI. On the iPhone, we will use a simple table view that lists the IP address and port number of connected iPads.

SharedLocation app Tutorial 2: Adding a Map View (part 3)

We're just about finishing doing all of the Interface Builder work. We just need to link the MapViewController_iPad into our MainView_iPad XIB.